15 August 2012

WingDustCollections Easter Egg hunt review

Hey all!

Nothing to do with this post but have ye seen Sherlock Holmes 2 A game of Shadows? Absolutely brilliant film. I always hate when they bring out a part 2 but this was amazing. I'm praying they bring out a third film.

Easter Egg hunt  is a sheer but buildable light blue shimmer. Again, like Black Black, Easter egg hunt is a gorgeou colour. However I really like the glitter in this one. It has a lovely  mix of blue, white and pink hex glitter of all different sizes. Green bar glitter is also mixed in which I wasn't too sure of in the bottle but it looks lovely on the nail.

The formula on Easter Egg hunt was pretty good. Definitely not as watery as Black Black. The glitter was so easy to get out and went on smoothly. Even with a couple of coats the glitter sat nicely on the nail.

Index finger 4 coats
Middle finger 3 coats
Ring finger 2 coats
Pinky finger 1 coat

Again 3-4 coats would be perfect for easter egg hunt on its own.

 I layered Easter Egg hunt over 2 coats of Essence Rich and Pretty,a gorgeous silver polish. I think this is the perfect combination. As Easter egg hunt is quite sheer on the first coat, you can really team it up with any colour and it'll look great. I only have one coat of Easter egg hunt in these pictures. The glitter covers the nail beautifully and you get a nice mix of colours, bar and hex glitter.

This is my favourite way of wearing Easter Egg hunt. I couldn't stop looking at my nails. Really looking forward to wearing this as a full manicure sometime soon.I'm thinking this would look lovely teamed with Red Carpet Lacquer Buttercup too!

Love Easter Egg Hunt. Definitely one to try out for yourselves!
 You can find WingDustCollection on Etsy and Facebook. I believe each polish goes for $9. I think Easter Egg Hunt is worth it. It's so versatile and I love green glitter :)


 **Polish was provided for review**


  1. I love this, it's different! Rich & Pretty is a gorgeous polish x

    1. Unique but in a great way :P I love rich and pretty :) Makes a great base! x

  2. Ooh yes, I loved Sherlock Holmes 2, incredible film :D And me too, really hope they bring out a new one! This polish is gorgeous, love the bar glitter. Super name for it too :D Very tempted ;) xx

    1. the name is adorable :P It looks amazing layered , very versatile ;)


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